The Damar Guild

Our Mission

We, as caring volunteers, help Damar Services, Inc. and their clients achieve their highest potential by raising funds and generating community awareness.

Who We Are

Founded in 1972, the Damar Guild women's auxiliary is a volunteer organization dedicated exclusively to Damar Services, Inc. and actively advancing its important mission to build better futures for children and adults facing life's greatest developmental and behavioral challenges.

It is comprised of women from many walks of life who share a common commitment to fundraise, friendraise, advocate and otherwise support Damar in a way that directly enhances the lives of those served there.

The Guild holds distinction as Damar's first and primary community support organization.

The generosity of Guild members and friends has enabled the Guild to support Damar’s success through the donations of countless hours of service and more than three quarters of a million dollars, as well as bringing smiles to the faces of hundreds of children for nearly 40 years.

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